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Solar Water Heater

Evacuated Tube Collectors are the latest technology in Solar Water Heating. They are economical, easy to install & good for hard water conditions, as the tubes can be easily removed & cleaned.

We offers Evacuated Tube Collector (ETC) model, which is specially designed for Special areas. The ETC model provides supplementary insulation around their absorbers to maintain heat absorption. Evacuated Tube Collector is more suitable for all atmospheres. ETC model is a better solution for larger homes, industrial plants, hotels, laundries, restaurants. Water heater is high efficiency, less collectors and easy to install not affected by temperature and thus operate in chilly climate.

ETC Water Heating Systems revolutionized the Solar Water Heating System market in the recent past. The All-Glass Triple Coated Evacuated Tube Collector is the most suitable remedy for users who only have hard water from a bore well or open well.

   Advantages ETC

Cost @ 20-25 % less than Flat Plate Collectors systems.
Capacity : 100 LPD to 10,000 LPD (Liter Per Day)
Less floor space required for the same capacity than FPC systems.
Quick, easy installation.
Due to smaller packing size, transportation is easier & cheaper.
Higher efficiency in cloudy weather.
The systems can be used safely for hard water / bore well water.
No Heat Exchanger is needed to prevent scaling menace causing temperature losses. Glass tubes do not corrode or choke up.
A simple brush can clean them periodically.