Acharya Solar System
A New Way To Manage The Power Of Sun

Solar Inverter

The solar inverter is the heart of the PV System. We are supplying a range of high Efficiency and high reliability range of solar for photovoltaic systems. The energy produced by solar panels must be converted into electric energy, which in turn must be converted into a form acceptable to electrical devices. Photovoltaic inverters convert DC current into AC current. A String of PV Panels as DC source requires more sophisticated functions as maximum power point tracking (MPPT) to get the maximum energy out of the PV Modules.  In addition the solar inverter provides control and monitoring functions of the PV System.


DSP/ micro controller based.
Inbuilt three stage solar charge controller.
Hybrid inverter(Dual charger-AC mains or solar which is available).
PWM changing with temperature compensation.
Dusk/Dawn feature to improve efficiency
Efficiency > 85% ..