Acharya Solar System
A New Way To Manage The Power Of Sun

Solar Fencing

Solar fence system enables the control of animals by giving them a short, sharp but safe shock, which is sufficiently memorable that they never forget it. Solar fence has the capacity to power long distances of multi wire fences. This has promoted the use of electric fencing on to large properties and enabled the control of all animals, including wild ones.

Solar fencing need not have physical strength because it seldom comes under pressure but it must be well designed and constructed to absorb the impact of animals. We have an extensive range of energizers, which is based on a high energy pulse of low impedance which effectively control animals even over long distances.


Easy Construction.
Low maintenance.
Long lasting because of minimal physical pressure.
All domestic and wild animals can be controlled economically.
Encourages additional subdivision, giving increased production.
Modification of system to control a variety of animals is very easy.
Not harmful. It gives a short, sharp but safe shock to the intruder.
Perimeter protection