Acharya Solar System
A New Way To Manage The Power Of Sun

Solar Cooker

Box Type

Simple square suitcase type Construction. Light weight, easy to carry. Designed for domestic Use. Four nos of aluminum Cooking pot with cooking capacity up to 5-6 persons. Cooking pots are coated with high thermal absorbing coating. Cooking tray made up of aluminum and powder coated. Glossy shining finish & attractive look. Best for unattended cooking as it does not require the frequent tracking. Ideal design for any region of the world. Lowest price compared to same capacity solar box cooker. Cooking at moderate temperature retains the taste and nutrition.


Cooking, backing and boiling of your favorite Veg and Non-Veg recipe. It can also be used to dry the small quantity of grains and beans, Masala (spices), nuts and fruits for long and safe storing.


Parabolic Type

Best for fast cooking. Parabolic Dish dia 1.4 mtr. Designed for Commercial and domestic Use. Heavy and sturdy construction to withstand the heavy wind speed. High quality reflective material. Castor wheel arrangement for easy moving. Capacity 15 people at time. Supplied with one no ISI certified 5 ltr capacity Pressure cooker. Bottom of the cooker coated with high thermal absorbing coating. Manual Tracking. Export Quality workmanship. Powder coated support structure attractive look. Its performance is better from simple solar box cooker. Ideal design for any region of the world.


It can be used for backing, boiling, cooking and frying also. This can be used for cooking in domestic as well as industrial canteens, hostels, hotels, restaurants, Ashram Shala, Dharam shala, Orphanage, Old age etc. commercial places